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Since 1998, our studio has been a hub for skilled artists, animal lovers and a studio cat or two. We’ve personalized thousands of impressions for providers and pet owners across Canada and the USA, creating stunning, one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

Our personalizing process.

Peartree’s unique 16-step process has taken many years to master. It ensures each impression is meticulously tracked and personalized as requested. It’s the cornerstone of our quality control and the basis of our confidence that clients will be delighted with their Peartree impression.

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Our commitment.

Peartree is the leading manufacturer of clay impression kits for the veterinary industry. We are committed to providing a simple, cost-effective memorial keepsake; one that makes the difficult job of veterinary care just a little bit easier.

Peartree is proud of our skilled artists and dedicated support staff. They’re trained in Peartree’s process and committed to honoring the connection between pets and their owners.




since 1998


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