all-natural clay

peel, press,
record & return

Each large clay disk is individually packaged in a protective container with a peel-away airtight seal.

This prevents the clay disk from drying out prior to use and allows the user to easily take an impression without directly handling the clay.

Once an imprint has been taken, personalizing options and color choices are available.

Individual kits can be purchased directly through our Shop Peartree or through a Peartree provider near you.

on the right track


& responsibility

We purchase locally or regionally derived raw materials and services for the manufacturing of all Peartree products. Peartree packaging and products are designed to meet recycling requirements and other environmentally conscious initiatives.

Our protective clay kit containers were designed to allow for safe shipping to and from our studio. When returned for personalizing, they are reused for future kit production.


the more the merrier

We have developed a process which allows our artists to duplicate an imprint from any other product or material to make a Peartree impression. This process does not harm the original material and it will be returned to you with your personalized impression.

The same process can be used if you would like multiple copies taken from one Peartree impression kit, or an original personalized Peartree impression.

larger than life

special orders

If our retail Peartree clay kits are not large enough for your imprint project, we are happy to supply appropriately sized disks on special order.

Please contact us directly for pricing and ordering.