custom color match.

Custom Color Match with Natural Clay White Imprint — $119.00

Supply a fur, feather or photo for color matching reference. The impression will represent the coloring and proportion of the reference supplied. Includes name(s) lettered on impression.

Imprint Options:

Standard Color Imprint  — Choose imprint color from color chart — $10.00

Custom Color Match Imprint — Color match from fur, feather, photo or other reference provided $15.00

Pattern Match Imprint — Color and pattern match from reference provided. Photo required — $20.00

Additional Options:

Extra Lettering — Personalized impression includes name(s) free of charge. Extra words, dates or phrases are an additional cost. Black or white raised glaze only for lettering — $10.00

Duplicate(s) — Mold making charge to replicate original impression. Personalizing charges are separate and additional for each duplicate ordered — $10.00

Ready to order?

Your Peartree Impression order form is supplied with your kit.

  • Select Color match under Custom Color.
  • Choose Option A or Option B from the style list.
  • Enter the imprint color you selected in the Imprint color field.
  • Enter Color match in the Background color field.

Once your order form is completed, send your imprint to Peartree’s studio for personalizing. When your imprint arrives you will be contacted by one of our client services representatives to review and confirm your order  before payment is collected. Personalizing can be purchased over the phone using a credit card. We accept Visa or MasterCard.





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